Sorts a collection in place.

:warning: The default comparator for sort on Array is defined by the JavaScript language specification and is almost never appropriate. The left and right values are coerced to strings and compared lexicographically. Consider using For all other collections that implement sort, is the default.

The comparator must be a function that accepts two values and returns a number.

  • less than zero if the left is less than the right
  • more than zero if the left is more than the right
  • equal to zero if the left is either incomparable or equivalent to the right

A comparator for numbers should subtract the right from the left and expresses both the direction and magnitude of the difference. If the magnitude of the difference is not meaningful, a comparator should return only Infinity, -Infinity, or 0, to increase the usefulness of the comparator.

On collections


  • sort()
  • sort(compare)