Iterates every value in this collection.

:warning: The iterate method and its notion of iterators only applies to version 2. See [iterator][iterator] for version 1.

The iterate method returns an Iterator.

An iterator is an object that implements next, and though the Iterator provided by collections supports a much more rich set of methods, the next method is the sufficient kernel for any iterator.

The next method returns an iteration. An iteration will have a value property signifying the next value in the iteration. If the iteration has passed the end of the collection, it will have a done property equal to true.

A “done” iteration may also have a value but the meaning of a completion value varies. Completion values make the most sense for iterators returned by generator functions. The completion value is the value returned by the generator. However, certain iterator functions like forEach will pass this completion value through to the next iterator.

Iterators from collections may also have an index property, representing either the key or the index of the value. This library adds an iterate method to Array that supports this feature, and supports it in every collection that tracks indexes and maps that have keys.

On collections


  • iterate()