deleteAll(value, equals?)

Deletes every value equivalent to the given value from the collection.

Introduced in version 1.2.1.

For sets, this is equivalent to delete, but for lists, arrays, and sorted arrays, may delete more than one value. For lists and arrays, this involves a linear search, from the beginning, splicing out each node as it is traversed.

For sorted arrays, there is a mode for the provided equals and the intrinsic equals. The provided equals falls back to the linear search provided by the underlying array. However, if deleteAll uses its intrinsic order and equivalence, it can guarantee that all intrinsic values are within a range from the first to the last equivalent value, so it can splice all equivalent values at once, using a binary search to find the first equivalent value, and a linear search to find the last.. The method is not implemented on Deque or Heap since random manipulation of internal content is out of scope for these collections.

On collections


  • deleteAll(value)
  • deleteAll(value, equals)